2 / 25 / 2019

Chain Store Age: Lolli and Pops is CSA’s Breakout Retailer of the Year!

Lolli & Pops targets the sweet spot of adults and kids alike with an assortment of unique candies from around the world. The assortment, sourced from framed producers as well as local artisans, ranges from specialty chocolates and caramels to cotton candy and marzipan fruits. A big crowd pleaser is a bulk bar that offers dozens of gummi bear flavors.

As much as the product, the store environment helps set the brand apart. Averaging 2,000 sq.-ft., Lolli & Pops shops have an old-fashioned, sweet shoppe aesthetic. The employees, or “magic makers” in Lolli & Pops speak, are part of the show. Outfitted with bow ties, striped aprons and straw boater hats, they are friendly and outgoing — and generous with samples. Delighting customers is part of the company’s DNA, both offline and online. Even the packaging and gift cards are designed to impress.

Targeting regional malls and lifestyle centers, Lolli & Pops is on track to open 20 to 30 locations in 2019.