Client Press

8 / 26 / 2015

The Dieline: Campaign – Cleverly Packaged Furniture

Campaign is a new furniture experience. Inspired by the history of military campaigns where furniture was built and made to break down for easy travel, “Campaign” seeks to bring back the notion that “less is more” through beautiful design and clever packaging. Founded by Ex-Apple engineer Brad Sewell in 2014, their unique product launches today and can be shipped to anywhere in the US, for free. Campaign ships in days and assembles in minutes.

Because the furniture ships in smaller boxes on standard UPS or FedEx trucks (thanks to its patent-pending folding design), shipping costs are lower and those savings are passed on to customers.

Campaign is available and customizable through and all the furniture is manufactured by Campaign and in the U.S., so shipping is lightning-fast compared to the industry-standard where manufacturing is outsourced and can take 6-8 weeks.

The pieces are meant to last a lifetime (think high-performance fabric suspension, expanded polyolefin and lightweight, but sturdy laser cut steel tubing), but built for a transitional lifestyle. Its design makes the furniture both easy to move (boxes with handles!) and simple to set up (no tools required, set up within minutes).

Nobody enjoys spending their precious Sundays shopping for furniture. The hassle of traveling to the store, waiting for months to get your furniture delivered, and assemblage is not exactly a hobby for anyone. Campaign is all about convenience.

The company’s first pieces are mid-century inspired and customizable with options to change the fabric and leg shape/finish anytime. No tools are required to assemble this magical structure. In less than 5 minutes, you have yourself a complete living room, just like that.