Lolli & Pops

Purveyors of Sweetness

Lolli & Pops is a mass-premium purveyor of specialty candies & confections that offers an assortment of sweets, chocolates, & packaged treats from all around the world.

L&P differentiates itself in the sweets space by pushing above the perception of candy as a cheap treat for kids and an unhealthy convenience store choice, offering a quintessential experience and premium assortment of sweets. Until L&P, no brand had curated such a compelling assortment, transforming indulgence seekers into higher value gift givers. With delightful and relevant gifts in an inspired atmosphere. Lolli & Pops aims to be the leader in this space thereby creating a global movement of thoughtfulness.

We led creative at Lolli & Pops since before its first store. What began as a small scope of work evolved into a partnership and body of work extending from brand strategy to product development and packaging to retail design. During this time, Lolli and Pops grew to over 75 locations across the US.


Strategy, Brand & Product Identity, Investor Decks, Retail Design, Packaging, Web Experience


Building from the truth the sweets are always a gift even if they’re just for yourself, we built a rich product library using a simple behavior strategy: First, to entice conventional sweets customers with high quality, assorted indulgent treats. Second, share the power of generosity with customers through accessible token gifts. Third, ritualize this generosity with refillable products. And finally, prove sweets are worthy gifts for all occasions.

To do this, every L&P product had to be objectively high quality and delicious, wrapped in delightful and inviting packaging, and worthy of being gifted. 

We built a responsive e-commerce experience to inspire and encourage generosity beyond L&P’s brick and mortar footprint and share its vision with the world: a global movement of thoughtfulness driven by the world’s most delightful sweets.

Our product: Unique. Delicious. Unmatched in quality. Purveyed from all corners of the globe. Our people: Engaging. Informative. Generous. Willing to go to any length to create delight. Our stores: Delightful. Communal. Quintessential. Loaded to the rafters with delicious treats you never knew existed.

Yes, from a distance people see sugar, color, youthful exuberance. But really what we offer is the sweetness you can’t package. They can have the candy business, we’ll take sweets. Where we can raise the emotional potential of our category as well as our audience. Bridging sugar with what truly binds us. We are purveyors of sweetness.


Strategy, Brand & Product Identity, Investor Decks, Retail Design, Packaging, Web Experience


Gardie Ashforth, Strategy / Copy
John Eric Oberbeck, Strategy / Web Design
Val Durak, Design
Sarah Morris, Design
Samantha Szakolczay, Design
Whitney Clark, Creative Director


Kendall Asmuth, Product Development Lead
Jessica Manella, Director of Product
Amy Matheson, Associate Product Developer
Alex Chang, Director of Ecommerce
Sid Gupta, C.E.O.


Marju Randmer-Nellis, Product Photography