Eat in the Now

Sprig is an on-demand food platform that delivers delicious, wholesome, ready-to-eat meals in less than 20 minutes.

Already a successful food service offering in the city of San Francisco, Sprig selected Maker to create its brand strategy through a rigorous discovery of its competitive landscape and offerings. Following the success of this engagement, Sprig asked us to lead its brand identity development, covering a new logotype, wordmark, type hierarchy, color system, photographic art direction, and ultimately a new core User Experience and Interface for its app inspired by a lush, continuously scrolling buffet of food sitting within its iterative test kitchen.


Strategy, Identity, Packaging, Photography, App UX / UI, Website

For both the web and app experiences, we  designed an infinitely scrolling ‘tablescape’ of hotel pan steel to emphasize the iterative test kitchen behind Sprig’s delicious organic food. The goal: to visually shorten the distance between the customer and the kitchen. In so doing, we broke away from the the generic framework of most delivery apps, delivering an immersive delicious tableau of food. 


John Eric Oberbeck, Strategy / Web Design
Gardie Ashforth, Strategy / Copy
Peter Synak, Design
Whitney Clark, Creative Director


Gagan Biyani, Co-Founder & CEO
Angela Wise, COO


Marju Randmer-Nellis, Tabletop Photography