Mind your Body

For those seeking refreshment of their minds and bodies, PLNT Water inspires moments of clarity with ready to drink CBD-infused, plant-based beverages.

PLNT Water distinguished itself as the next progressive product in the evolution of healthy, ready-to-drink beverages, offering hydrating, plant-based mixtures that leverage the powers of the micro-nutrient CBD and pointed flavor combinations to refresh your mind and body.

We partnered with the team at Aurify to incubate the PLNT Water brand, bootstrapping its development to a successful launch.


Strategy, Identity, Packaging, Web Experience, Photo Art Direction, Collateral, Retail Concepts

We designed the PLNT product to be a natural accessory to the healthy lifestyle of its enlightened audience. Graphic illustrations celebrate PLNT’s natural ingredients and playful attitude. The serif typeface, Merlo Regular Italic alludes to the credible, scientific origin of the product, while the heavy and tangible sans serif Visuelt is both impactful and approachable.

From triangular three-packs and individual sample boxes to more playful brand activations such as surfboards and yoga pants, the collateral system aims to complement the PLNT customer’s evolving, active lifestyle.

The PLNT web experience serves as a product education and search tool to an enlightened brand and product. Natural ingredients and the super nutrient CBD are celebrated and distilled allowing the user to clearly understand their benefits.

All elements of the brand work together in outdoor advertising to inspire moments of clarity in mind and body. Low angle, active lifestyle photography with generous negative space above the subjects emphasizes the headspace created by PLNT. 


Strategy, Brand Identity, Packaging, Web Experience, Photo Art Direction, Collateral, Retail Concepts


Gardie Ashforth, Strategy / Copy
John Eric Oberbeck, Strategy / Web Design
Val Durak, Design / Packaging
Whitney Clark, Creative Director


Sarah Cullen, Founder / CEO
Andy Stern, C.E.O of Aurify Brands


Hiedi's Bridge, Product Photography
Jennifer Yung, Illustration