Small Batch

Tom Colicchio goes Local

Tom Colicchio has always passionately advocated for local food and good food systems. We helped Tom and Crafted Hospitality create Small Batch, a rustic New American restaurant that combines local sourcing and inviting hospitality with culinary excellence. 

Small Batch proves local farming can be both delicious and accessible. With a visual language combining playful illustrations, elevated food photography, and essential restaurant design that merges local farming and fine dining, Maker crafted a brand strategy and identity centered around pride of place. Because when you know where your food comes from, how it’s made, and who makes it, it always tastes better.


Strategy, Brand Identity, Web Experience, Photo Art Direction, Collateral, Interior Creative Direction, Signage

Small Batch’s local menu demanded photography that would capture its organic and unfussy sophistication. Con Poulos has a knack for capturing food in elevated yet simple compositions with the most beautiful diffused natural light. We knew Con was the perfect partner to capture Small Batch’s menu and celebrate the fertile shores of long island and local purveyors that provide its ingredients.

Small Batch’s collateral system features a soft palette and copper foil stamping. The illustration and seal systems communicate the playful side of ‘local food with craft.’ Illustrations featuring tiny farmers and massive ingredients, such as a farmer riding a pig or towing a giant squash with a tractor, reinforce this concept of ‘big batch.’

We designed the digital home of Small Batch to invite guests to immerse themselves in our local food culture, and walk away with something to share about the craft that connects food systems.

Designed as a modern farmhouse, Small Batch evokes the warmth of a local farm while embracing the contemporary design language and palette Tom Colicchio is known for providing. Maker provided creative direction of interiors in partnership with the architects of record as well as signage systems.


Strategy, Identity, Web Experience, Photo Art Direction, Collateral, Interior Creative Direction, Signage


Gardie Ashforth, Strategy / Copy
John Eric Oberbeck, Strategy / Web Design
Val Durak, Design
Jonathan Sandridge, Design
Whitney Clark, Creative Director


Tom Colicchio, Founder / Chef
Cory Sullivan, Operations & Development
Justin Morel, C.O.O. of Crafted Hospitality
Charlotte Spatcher, Brand Manager


Con Poulos, Photography
Rynn Frank, Illustration